Fireplace & Masonry

At Artisan Homes one of our unique specialties is Masonry Heater Construction. Finnish style contraflow heaters are wood fired fireplaces exceptional in their ability to acclimate and store heat for long periods of time. A fire in the morning can store enough heat to bake pizza's 12 hours later in the evening. Another common trait is to route chimney exhaust gases through a raised hearth creating a heated sitting bench great for warming up after a long winter day. Masonry Heaters are highly efficient burning up to 90% clean, and with around 2 hours of daily burn time can heat a substantial open living space.

Along with Masonry Heater Construction we also offer many different types of brick, stone and tile services.

Artisan Homes & Renovations offers fireplace & masonry construction services in Ankeny, Des Moines and the surrounding areas. For more information regarding our Fireplace & Masonry services feel free to contact us at

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