Outdoor Living Spaces

One of our specialties at Artisan Homes is building unique outdoor kitchens. We enjoy building masonry pizza ovens, outdoor fireplaces, barbeques and beautiful patios great for entertaining. Our wood fired ovens are exceptional in their ability to render and store heat for long periods of time. For example a brick oven fired in the evening can be ready for baking within 45 minutes, and often can hold enough heat to bake bagels the following morning.

Our fireplaces are hand built designed and sized to fit the homeowners personal vision. It goes with out saying fireplaces and fire pits can be a quite inviting addition to your outdoor living space. 

Artisan Homes & Renovations offers outdoor kitchen construction services in Ankeny, Des Moines and the surrounding areas. For more information regarding outdoor living spaces feel free to contact us at info@iowahomerenovations.com

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